MLM Solution

Concept of network marketing has been implemented in many industries to create network of consumer. RingZero MLM solution is specially designed for insurance business which has main features as follows:


Anybody who is interested to join network as a member can easily access web based MLM application and register by themselves. After registration, system will give confirmation page with payment code for registration fee. Membership will be activated after registration payment is confirmed and member will be ready to start working.


Active member can invite others to join as a member within his/her network. This will help to create and expand network of MLM with unlimited span.


MLM members and their network will focus on finding leads which has potential to buy car insurance policy and input leads information into system. MLM system will transfer lead information to CRM system which allow tele-sales team to contact leads to offer policies.

Commission & Payment

Base on predefined payment scheme and policy, company will pay commission for members who have qualified number of successful leads and network. Payment information will be transferred to accounting system for further payment process to members.


MLM solutions also provide communication services to members and network via e-mails and SMS which will be triggered base on predefined events such as registration confirmation, new member registration, update sales status, update payment status, etc.