Mobile Solutions

Mobile provides a new, innovative and interactive channel for marketing purposes, and presents great opportunities for brand owners to engage and interact with their customers and consumers anywhere, anytime. Build strong and loyal relationships with your customers and listen to their needs, using the mobile channel as a next generation tool to facilitate this.

RingZero offers a wide range of mobile solutions, designed to reach larger audiences and offer interactive services that can give you the competitive advantage.

Mobile Applications

Whether your business is traditional or Internet based, our solutions offer you the ability to interact with customers on a variety of different platforms. Be it mobile phone, PDA, iPhone, we are able to ensure that your message and product is delivered in the most appropriate and effective manner.

We have delivered solutions that make full use of current or emerging technologies, including GSM, WAP, 3G.


We are able to deliver robust, simple and personalized mobile platforms to enable you to deliver your product and message to GSM and 3G (SMS/MMS) based applications such as mobile phones and PDAs. This allows you to improve customer relationship management by providing personalized information to targeted groups.

For example, our SMS manager application allows you to send and receive SMS messages to and from GSM compliant mobile applications. It features a SMS Message Center allowing you to easily manage all SMS tasks and individual customer interactions.