Customized Software Development

When your business requirements go beyond what an off-the-shelf product can deliver, customized software is the solution for you. The adaptation of off-the-shelf software products in your company can have a great impact to your business continuity, while frequently not delivering all the functionality you need. A truly customized software package, containing the exact functionalities required for your business and developed in a way that works for you, will have far less impact.

RingZero has a wide range of experience developing customized software solutions for some of Asia's largest and well known organizations and brands. Solutions can be built from the ground up using technologies such as .Net, Java, SQL Server or built around existing purpose built products like Content Management Server or SharePoint Portal Server.

Our customized software solutions include the development of web-based technology solutions to improve a firm's connectivity with its customers and vendors. Our goal in developing such systems is to improve and streamline business processes and reduce operational costs, whilst delivering a solution that provides our clients with a competitive advantage in their market.

Extensive Experience

As the leading Microsoft .Net development company in the country, RingZero has extensive experience with the development of bespoke, custom software solutions. Using the latest Microsoft or open-source technologies, our development team of over 50 Microsoft certified programmers has developed a large number of applications solving numerous business requirements. Some of our key solutions:

  • MLM Solution
  • SMS solution
  • E-Newsletter
  • E-Commerce and e-Business solutions
  • Web Services
  • Mobile device applications
  • Travel and booking solutions
  • Content management systems

Customized Software Technologies

Our experienced and certified programmers, system analysts and project managers have developed reliable and efficient systems, using a range of technologies, including:

  • Visual Basic and Visual Basic .Net
  • ASP and ASP.Net
  • C#
  • DTS
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Mobile
  • XML and XML Web services
  • Java
  • WebSphere
  • SAP and Oracle Integration