CMS - Content Management System

For almost all companies, a website is the primary channel to engage and inform customers. We understand that markets move quickly and that to maintain your competitive advantage, your site needs to remain up-to-date at all times. We provide our clients with easy to use on-screen administration modules that allow dynamic web content to be maintained and managed in house with the minimum of training or supervision.

Corporate / Intranet / Extranet

We have designed and deployed corporate, Intranet and Extranet systems for some of the most innovative and profitable companies in the world. We understand that such systems should be designed to facilitate and promote communication at all levels within an organization.
Our Intranet and Extranet solutions empower your employees by providing them with access to user focused information and tools to allow them to do their jobs more effectively. We can help you define your organizational communication needs and deliver secure and user-focused Intranet and Extranet systems that meet the requirements of management and employees.

Online Marketplaces

Linking buyers and sellers, customers and suppliers can be made more streamlined and efficient via online marketplaces. RingZero develops systems that allow our clients to match customers and suppliers and have them communicate more quickly and efficiently. The result is an application that lowers the costs of doing business for participants.

Information Portals

The Internet is one of the most efficient channels of communicating and transferring information. RingZero maximizes this channel for our clients by developing information portals that allow clients to display their information in clear and easy-to-use layouts and to edit, update, and manage this information online. The result is a powerful tool that allows clients to connect to their target markets quickly, easily, and relevantly.

User Community Tools

Building a strong community of website users is one of the best ways to maximize a site's popularity and, ultimately, increase revenue for a company. RingZero builds effective and efficient community-building tools - such as webboards, email newsletters, and chatrooms - that keep users returning to our clients' websites. The end result is a loyal base of customers to which clients can advertise and sell.

Online and Offline Reporting Tools

Having a website is just part of the equation. Knowing how well the website reaches its targeted audience is an equally important part. RingZero builds and provides tools allowing our clients to instantly know valuable information about their website, such as who is visiting their sites, where the visitors come from, how they have been referred to the site, and how they use the site. This gives our clients the ability to evaluate, modify, and maximize the impact of their websites.